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What You Should Know About Natural Gas

Natural gas is a popular choice for many environmentally conscious residents of the Woodland Park area. In choosing natural gas, you are making a decision that is both good for the environment and your wallet. Many homeowners safely heat their homes and run their appliances using natural gas, and having a gas cooktop is every home chef’s dream.

Keep in mind that the installation of a gas line or connection of appliances requires a professional.  A properly trained technician will ensure the connections are safely sealed to avoid dangerous leaks.  At Hardcastle Home Services, our certified technicians can safely assist you with all your household or commercial natural gas line needs.

Gas Line Services We Offer

Hardcastle Home Services is able to safely and efficiently handle all of your gas line needs from installation, maintenance, and repair to replacement projects. We have a team of certified professionals who understand the importance of safe and reliable gas line service. We offer the following services to residents of the Woodland Park area.

  • Installation Services. If you are considering adding a new gas appliance as part of a home remodel project or a new construction, call our team. We offer certified professional gas line installation for all your residential and commercial needs.
  • Maintenance and Repair Services. A gas line problem can quickly become a home safety issue. It is important to have your gas lines routinely monitored to ensure that they maintain a proper seal and operate according to specifications. Any suspected leaks must be handled immediately. Our emergency services will have a technician on the property to quickly and safely restore your service.
  • Line Replacement Services. In the case of deteriorating or damaged gas lines, it is often necessary to replace a portion of the line. We are able to handle all permitting issues as well as the replacement of the damaged gas line.

How to Handle a Gas Leak

Hardcastle Home Services can assist you with all your residential and commercial gas line services, from installation to maintenance and repair, including emergency services.  A suspected gas line leak requires immediate additional steps on the part of a building owner to avoid a hazardous situation. The first sign of a natural gas leak is often a rotten egg smell. If you suspect a leak, follow these steps prior to calling our office to ensure the safety of all persons involved.

  1. Make sure all gas valves are in the off position. Property owners should familiarize themselves with the location of the main gas shutoff valve.
  2. Do not look for the leak – leave it for a professional.
  3. Do not turn off/on any electrical appliances.
  4. No cell phone use on the property.
  5. Do not smoke or use an open flame while on the property.
  6. Make sure all people and animals are safely off the area, and then call emergency services and local utility companies.
  7. Contact Hardcastle Home Services for emergency professional leak detection and repair services.

Your Premier Source for All Your Gas Line Needs in the Woodland Park Region
If you need more information on natural gas line installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact our certified professionals at (719) 686-6742. Our team of professionals has the confidence of customers throughout the area, including recommendations on Angie’s List and Home Advisor. You can be confident that we will safely and efficiently handle your gas line needs.

In the event of a gas line emergency, call 911 and the utility company prior to calling our office.

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