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These Colorado Springs winters can be pretty harsh, so you want to make sure your boiler heating system is working properly. That can be pretty tough to do if you don’t know anything about boilers. Boilers don’t actually ‘boil’ water. Instead, gas from a street pipe enters a combustion chamber in the boiler and lights the gas fumes, which in turn heats the cool water running inside of a heat exchanger, which is then distributed throughout the system using an electric pump. Boilers are a form of radiant heat, meaning that they are designed to heat objects in the room, as opposed to furnaces, which heat the air in a room.

Many people prefer boilers over furnaces because they can set their thermostats at a lower temperature yet gain the same amount of heat a furnace provides because radiant heat makes the temperature feel warmer than it actually is. Many people ask if boiler heating systems wastewater.  The answer is those boiler heating systems operate within an enclosed and sealed environment, so no water is wasted whatsoever.

Boiler heating systems are complex and require routine maintenance to stay operating at peak efficiency.  Due to this complexity, there are many reasons why boilers can stop working properly. Hiring a professional heating service is usually your best bet. Hardcastle Heating and Air can assist you with all of your boiler heating needs.

Boiler Heating Services

Hardcastle Heating and Air is there for all your boiler heating needs by providing services for:

Hot Water Systems

  • Test the pressure relief valve
  • Test the high-limit control
  • Inspect the pressure tank to ensure it is not filled with water
  • Clean the heat exchanger

Boiler Installation

If you are in need of a new or replacement boiler heating system, Hardcastle and Air has you covered.  Our technicians will professionally install everything needed for your hot water heating systems.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler heating unit is becoming problematic, the professionals at Hardcastle Heating and Air will diagnose the trouble and come up with a solution that matches your budget. Common causes for repair are pump and electric control failure, and air or water pressure imbalance. No matter the problem, our technicians will quickly get your boiler heating system up and running in no time at all, keeping the winter chill where it belongs – outside.

Boiler Replacement

As with all things, boiler heaters won’t last forever. If your boiler is 15-20 years old or older, then it might be time for a replacement. If a repair isn’t possible, Hardcastle and Air will work with your budget to replace your existing boiler or replace one we installed under warranty. In either case, you won’t be long without a boiler heating unit.

Choose Hardcastle Heating and Air for Your Boiler Service Needs

Hardcastle Heating and Air is a top-rated company at Home Advisor with an excellent customer service rating.  Additionally, we have an A rating on Angie’s List, without a single rating of less than A since 2015.  We also enjoy a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rating, as well as a 100% 5-star customer review rating at the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau and are an accredited business who was nominated for the BBB Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award.  We are proud to have won The Best of Teller County 2018, 2019 & 2020 and The Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award in 2017.

For more information about boiler heating systems, call us today at (719) 686-6742.

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