6 Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

6 Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Bad indoor air quality is a serious problem that can come from multiple sources. That’s why staying on top of your air quality and keeping you and everyone else safe by looking out for these common causes is important.

Toxic Chemicals

Harsh chemicals can be found in many household products, such as detergents, artificial fragrances, and beauty products. These items can produce powerful smells and are a big source of indoor air pollution.


Asbestos shouldn’t be a big problem anymore, but old houses still use it. Asbestos is used in various parts of the construction process and is known to be toxic.


Dust forms naturally and comprises various small particles such as pet dander, hair, carpet fuzz, and even tiny bits of rock. While it’s not always possible to completely remove dust from your home, you can minimize your chances by cleaning properly and regularly.

Tobacco Smoke

If you or someone you know smokes cigarettes indoors, that smoke will act as an indoor air pollutant. The effects of smoking and second-hand smoke are well known, and it should still be avoided.


Mold will grow where it’s hot and wet, so if you live in a humid area, you need to be alert. Mold can also appear where leaks form, so keep your plumbing maintained. 

Bad Ventilation

Letting the fresh air in and getting the bad air out is important to helping you breathe better, but if your ventilation systems aren’t working, they won’t help you. 

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