Signs Your Heater Needs Replacing

Signs Your Heater Needs Replacing

Staying warm, especially in the winter, is a necessity. However, heaters can suffer from a variety of problems that make getting warm annoying, complicated, or possibly even dangerous. At times like this, getting your heater repaired doesn’t always work. Here are a few signs that your heater needs to be replaced.

Higher Electricity Bills

Many modern heaters use electricity, and a failing heater could cost you extra money to use. This is because the heater would be using more energy for the same amount of work, making it wasteful and inefficient. At this point, buying a new heater could save you money in the long run. 

Carbon Monoxide

If you have a broken heater, you might start to notice strange, flu-like symptoms with no obvious explanation. It might not be the flu at all, though. It could be your heater letting in carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in large doses. Another warning sign of carbon monoxide is a yellow burner flame in a gas furnace. 

While these problems could be fixed by scheduling repairs, you may feel safer just getting a new furnace.

Strange Noises

If your heater is making odd sounds, such as rattling or squealing, it’s usually a problem with the heater’s motor or compressor, and these problems can be a sign that your heater is beginning to break down. A heater that is functioning correctly is usually much quieter.

Temperature Problems

If you’re simply unable to get your heater to warm your house, or if you notice issues like the thermostat needing constant adjusting, then your heater simply is failing to do its job correctly. It likely needs to be replaced.

Get Your Heater Replaced

If you notice any or all of these problems, don’t wait. Call Hardcastle Home Services to replace your broken heater or furnace with a new, more reliable one today.