What You Need to Know About Your Thermostat

What You Need to Know About Your Thermostat

Much like other essential home appliances, the kinds of thermostats used in your home can vary greatly based on your wiring system, heating and cooling system, or the age of your home. Making sure you know what thermostat you have, as well as what to look for in terms of function problems, is extremely important for keeping your HVAC system running smoothly.

What Are the Two Most Common Thermostat Types?

The two most common types of thermostats are:  

  • Mercury thermostat. Mercury thermostats are a key feature of old homes, using electricity to convey different temperatures. These systems rely on electrical contact between sensors in the unit, as well as mercury in the internal thermometer tubes. When these sensors are blocked by dust and dirt buildup, connection problems can cause inaccurate readings, so keeping these units clean is crucial.
  • Digital thermostat. Digital thermostats are becoming more and more common, and they can be used regardless of whether or not you have a central air system. By using a thermistor, these systems can pick up on temperature changes and automatically adjust your inside temperature. Because these systems rely on electricity so heavily, faulty wiring is usually to blame for inaccurate readings.

The functionality of your thermostat depends on the kind of thermostat you have and the heating and cooling system in place in your home. If your mercury thermostat is not accurately recording your house temperature, you may need to clean or replace the internal parts. Digital thermostats, on the other hand, can stop functioning due to a poor connection to your overall temperature control system, requiring new batteries or wire replacements.

Knowing the issues that affect your thermostat is key to keeping your house the right temperature — and keeping you from spending money on unnecessary heating and cooling costs. For high quality HVAC service you can rely on in Colorado, trust Hardcastle Heating & Air.  Contact us today.