3 Signs You Should Have Your Air Filters Replaced

3 Signs You Should Have Your Air Filters Replaced

Air conditioning is a blessing for us all in the hot, humid summers. But, as highly used as air conditioning is in homes across the country, air conditioning unit maintenance is often neglected by many of us. Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget when you need to do certain maintenance projects like changing your air filters. 

Here are 3 signs that your air filters need to be replaced:

1. Your Air Isn’t Cold Enough

A tell-tale sign that the filters in your air ducts need to be replaced is if your air conditioning is seemingly warmer than it used to be. When the air isn’t getting cold enough, there oftentimes may be something blocking the ventilation, like dirt and dust in the filters.

2. The Electricity Bill Goes Up 

Another sign that your air ducts may need to be replaced is if you notice an increase in your energy bill, but not necessarily with your energy usage. Because air ducts and air filters can get dirty and have blockages, your air conditioning unit ends up having to work harder to keep your home cool, and you’ll be paying more for this extra energy usage.

3. The Air Conditioning Unit Is Hot

If you find that your air conditioning unit is abnormally warm, especially on the back, it may have to do with dirty air filters. By making sure you keep up with your unit and replace the air filters when needed, you can help your air conditioning system work much better.

Get Your Air Filters Replaced Today

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