4 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

Whether you spent this past Colorado summer out hiking, enjoying picnics at the park, or simply lounging around reading a good book, chances are, you enjoyed the benefits of your AC system. As the sunny months come to an end, it’s easy to shift our attention towards heating, but after working your AC unit all summer long, it may be in need of some repairs. Here are four signs that your air conditioning system is in need of some professional attention

1) Inconsistent or Poor Air Flow

AC units function by providing cool air, which is then circulated throughout the home or business. If the airflow is poor, then it won’t circulate properly, leading to ineffective cooling. This could simply be due to an accumulation of dust in the vents or filters, or it could be indicative of a greater problem with some of the interior components.

2) Loud Noises

Loud sounds that resemble banging or squeaking can occur when there is an obstruction present somewhere inside the unit. If the obstruction is large, this could cause a great deal of damage, wrecking the interior components or jamming in place. However, even a small obstruction should be dealt with as soon as possible, as it can wear down your AC unit over time.

3) Any Leaks

While it’s not uncommon for moisture to build up around the unit, leaks could be a sign of a much greater problem. Refrigerant, which is critical to the proper functioning of an AC system, is poisonous, and leaks of refrigerant should be addressed immediately. While leaks of condensation are not as dangerous, they will also need to be repaired in time.

4) Increased Energy Bills

Even if your AC unit appears to be in good working condition, a sudden spike in your energy bills could indicate otherwise. If your bills are increasing, that means your unit is working harder than usual. Unless you’ve experienced a sudden heat wave, it’s likely that a leak, clog, or faulty component is causing your unit to perform in a limited capacity.

If you’ve noticed any of the above, then it’s time to call in a licensed expert to assess the situation. Hardcastle Heating, AC & Plumbing has over 30 years of experience with HVAC systems. Our team can perform a diagnostic to determine the source of the issue and complete any repairs necessary in a timely manner. Additionally, if you have an older unit that is constantly in need of repairs, you can speak with a technician about finding a replacement that suits your needs and fits within your budget. Call today for a free estimate!